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4 Myths About Air Duct Cleaning You Need to Know

Breathe In. Breath Out. We do it all day long and yet take for granted that the air we breathe is clean.

Without proper HVAC duct cleaning, the air inside our homes can become contaminated with all sorts of pollutants. Air coming in from the outdoors along with indoor particles, circulate within our living space and accumulate inside our air vents.  Investing in duct cleaning services, however, is one way to ensure the air inside our homes is safe to breathe.

Often times air ducts are tucked behind walls and shielded by ceilings. Since air ducts are not highly visible, they are not top of mind. They are probably a fleeting thought, if one at all. But within these air ducts, dust, mold, allergens, bacteria, and pathogens may be lurking, claiming your home as their home as well.  

Duct cleaning services are becoming more and more popular and have become a hot topic recently. However, we can’t believe everything we hear, right? Misinformation and even outright lies have led to myths surrounding HVAC duct cleaning. Some of these myths are keeping people from improving their air quality. We’re here to shed some light on such myths and go on record with the truth.

It is Not Necessary to Hire a Professional to Clean the Ducts

Fact or fiction? Let’s learn the facts first…

What is professional vent cleaning? On the surface, it seems simple.

Vent cleaning is the removal of particles, dust, dander, and other accumulated allergens/bacteria within your HVAC system. Because your air vents run under the floor, through the walls, and within your ceiling, special equipment is needed to reach all necessary parts. DIY efforts will merely reach into the vent and a bit of the ways inside, not nearly far enough.

Companies that specialize in professional vent cleaning have tools specifically for rigorously cleansing coils deep within your HVAC system. Powerful vacuums, elongated brushes, and more are part what it takes to get the job done.

Professional technicians can also identify potential problems and address them before they become big, expensive challenges. Mold for example, poses immense health risks.  And did we mention that rodents and other pests can nest within your air ducts? Using a service with professional technicians certified from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, NADCA, ensures your air ducts will be cleaned completely and properly. And, you won’t run the risk of disturbing a mama mouse and her nest of sleeping mice babies.

Your Health is Not Harmed by Dirty Air Ducts

This is untrue. (Achoo!) Poor air quality puts your health and your family’s health at risk.

Dirty air vents can be the reason for chronic headaches, fatigue, respiratory problems, asthma, allergies and more. Contaminated air can lead to a long list of consequences and one that sounds like those disclaimers for new medicine.

An improvement in overall health is a top benefit of regular vent and air duct cleaning, which is recommended every three to five years. Maintaining a clean, healthy atmosphere in your home can ward off exhaustion and flu-like symptoms caused by allergens and pollutants.

Well-kept ventilation can keep you out of the doctor’s office, help you sleep better, improve overall mood, and ward off allergy attacks and sickness. Imagine a life without congestion. The hero of the story, flying through clean air, is air duct cleaning. And it can help you and your entire family.

Duct Cleaning Involves the Use of Harmful and Toxic Chemicals

We can all agree that toxins, chemicals, and dirty air are bad for us.

So why breathe any of them? The vent cleaning process doesn’t require the use of harsh additives. Although some assume otherwise, professional technicians can thoroughly and effectively clean your air ducts and dirty ac vents with non-chemical alternatives. And achieve the same long-lasting results. Non-chemical alternatives are available and provided by most companies offering duct cleaning services. You can take a deep breath and rest assured; vent and air duct cleaning is safe. It is also highly recommended as part of your home maintenance plan.

Air Ducts Don’t Get Dirty

Whew, this is some false news. The truth is air ducts do get dirty. Just like anything that doesn’t get cleaned.

Mold in air ducts is a real thing. So are dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens. Overtime they accumulate and can cause a pile of trouble. No matter how clean you keep your house.

Your HVAC system brings in outside air through air ducts. And things fly around outdoors.

As dust collects within air vents, outdoor particles, skin flakes, pet dander, and other elements adhere to the dust and continue to create a larger and larger collection.

These contaminants can affect your health, but they can do much more damage. Dirty air ducts cause your HVAC unit to work harder, shortening the life span of your air conditioner and furnace. Working harder also means using more energy, which will show up on your utility bills as increased costs. Mold or dust in vents, pollen, vermin and more will force your heating and cooling system into early retirement. The good news though, is that regular HVAC duct cleaning will help keep your unit running efficiently, saving you money in the long run.

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