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Cheap Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Cheap Air Duct Cleaning Scams | Signs of an Air Duct Cleaning Scam

That’s not really a thing! Or is it?

Unfortunately, if it weren’t a thing, we wouldn’t have to write about it.  Air duct cleaning require expensive equipment, manpower, and technical expertise, thus companies offering extremely low prices on air duct cleaning are likely a scam.

Due to growing concern about indoor air quality, duct cleaning companies have begun popping up everywhere.

There are many factors that play into when you should have your air ducts cleaned. If you are renovating, have animals, mold, contaminants, or illness in your household, it may be beneficial to have the air ducts cleaned to remove debris and germs from inside the ducts.

While there is no official evidence stating air duct cleaning does improve your health and air quality in the home, it has become quite the selling point for small-medium air duct cleaning companies. It is easy for an ‘expert’ to tell you that your home is dangerous to live in, has poor air quality, or mold after looking at the air ducts.

In a niche market like air duct cleaning, coming across another air duct professional or someone who knows a lot about the subject is uncommon, making it easy for companies to benefit from lack of knowledge. Two things to just know; the cost of air duct cleaning shouldn’t be cheap and the time it takes to clean your air ducts shouldn’t be speedy.

If you had an air duct technician provide you a free estimate then said that your ducts had mold in them, would you believe him?

Most likely.

Would you proceed to use the air duct service? Probably. How much do you think air duct cleaning will cost you?

Often times, HVAC and air duct companies that charge outrageous prices but do a poor job of cleaning your air ducts and HVAC system are called “blow-and-go” companies. Don’t let these types of companies fool you.

Some Tips for Avoiding Air Duct Scams?

  • Do your research.

Is the company accredited? Are they licensed air duct technicians? Are they authorized dealers? Generally, you can find this information on their website.

  • Get references.

Use a company that others know about. If you’ve heard about them from a friend or colleague, it is most likely a credible company. Check websites and Facebook for reviews on the company you have in mind.

  • Get estimates.

Most air duct cleaning companies will provide estimates. Credible companies will generally always offer free inspections and estimates. Inspections should not come with extra costs associated unless, of course, you’re being scammed.

  • ‘Affordable’ is not what you want.

Most air duct cleaning services SHOULD cost you a pretty penny, if done properly. While the costs of air duct cleaning ranges, you can expect it to be near, if not more, than about $500. When it comes to air duct cleaning, looking for the cheapest route is the wrong route to take. While getting estimates from other parties is suggested, this is mainly to compare and see what competitors are offering, not necessarily to get the best deal.

  • Results?

A good contractor will be happy to show you the completed work and what has been removed. Many companies use before and after photos.

If you regularly have your air ducts cleaned, the rule of thumb being every few years, the cost of air duct cleaning is worth it. Air duct cleaning is not an easy job and should be left to a professional.

According to Angie’s List founder, Angie Hicks, Air duct cleaning costs about 300 dollars and takes two to four hours to complete.” While price is determined based on a number of factors such as the size of your home, HVAC use, and climate, anything that differs too much, especially less, from this estimate may potentially be a scam.

Air duct professionals should never tell you that it is not safe in your home. Often times, air duct scammers may claim that due to mold, your home is unsafe and may even recommend a nearby hotel. It is very rare that a family would need to leave the house if there is a little bit of mold found inside the air ducts.

Cost of Air Duct Cleaning

To get a better idea, here are some factors that affect the cost of air duct cleaning:

  • Cost per square foot of home
  • Cost per number of systems
  • Costs associated with the system, vents, and return

Air duct cleaning takes time, sometimes up to 8 hours. Be cautious about companies that claim to get the job done ‘fast’ and make sure to ask first if they charge by the hour. Due to the nature of air duct cleaning, most companies may not charge by the hour, as the service already takes a few hours.

A number of factors can determine when or how often you should have your air ducts cleaned. The number of pets in your home, occupants who smoke in your home, prevalence of allergies or asthma among household members, and any damage from previous fire or flood that may be present inside the ducts.

If you think you’re ready to find a reputable air duct company, A&D Heating and Cooling Inc. has a great standing reputation in the Lee’s Summit area and is proud to be a licensed Lennox dealer. They offer seasonal tune-ups, air filter replacement or cleaning, 24-hour emergency response, and free inspections.

View more about A&D and see what some of their customers have had to say about their experience here.

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