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Why You Should Choose a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company

Have you ever looked around your home and wondered where all the dust comes from? How about that lingering headache you just can’t shake? It could be your air ducts.

Air ducts and air vents collect dust, mold and air-borne particles, which circulate back into your home. That’s into the air you breathe, the furniture you sit on and anything the indoor air touches.

The solution? Professional air duct cleaning. The in-depth process of professional duct cleaning includes a dust collection system, air duct vacuuming and detailing the hard-to-reach places within an HVAC unit. It means cleaner air, improved health, reduced energy bills and less housework.

There are many reasons to invest in air vent cleaning. Depending on your situation, all could be of equal value. Let’s find out what cleaner air means to you!

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Will Lead to Cleaner Air

Breathe In. Breathe Out. Do you know what is in the air you are breathing? It could be anything from household pollutants to mold to germs from the cold you had last week.

Contaminants from everyday household products build-up in the air and recycle themselves through indoor air vents. Condensation within air conditioning vents are often breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Even pollen, can find its way into an air duct.

HVAC duct cleaning removes ICK. It leaves you with air worth breathing. And, there’s more!

Less Sick Days: Feeling your best means spending more time doing the activities you enjoy instead of being home under the weather. Outdoor fun, time with family and friends, a new hobby…they are all waiting!

Relief from Allergies: Pollutants thrive in an air duct environment. Removing such irritants will lessen allergy flare-ups and their symptoms. No more scrambling for a Kleenex or keeping the OTC meds within arm’s reach.

No More Stink: Clean air means fewer odors, less air freshener cover-ups and less atmospheric particles. Now, that’s what we call, refreshing!

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Duct Cleaning Services Can Help Reduce Energy Bills

Everyone loves saving money, right? How about saving money on your monthly utility bills?

Professional air duct cleaning will improve HVAC efficiency and thus, reduce your energy bills. If possible, schedule an air vent cleaning consultation with a professional ductwork cleaning company before turning on your air conditioner in the summer or firing up your heating system in the winter. Air duct cleaning companies use special equipment to free up your air ducts and ensure smooth airflow.

Once your ducts are cleaned, your HVAC system will not have to work as hard or as long to keep your indoor air at the desired temperature. Air vent cleaning reduces energy consumption, which makes it good for you and good for the environment.

Are you convinced yet? Our expert HVAC technicians will be happy to talk with you about comprehensive ac vent cleaning and furnace duct cleaning. Call us direct at (816) 537-0318 .

Routine Air Duct Cleaning Assists in Eliminating Pet Fur

What if we told you, your beloved pet isn’t completely at fault for excessive pet fur and pet dander?  After shedding, pet hair can be sucked into an air duct and enter your indoor space again and again and again.

We know you aren’t getting rid of Fido, he is part of the family after all, but you can look into professional duct cleaning services. Air duct cleaning is the way to go if you have a pet that is prone to heavy shedding or if you are a family with multiple pets.

If your dog or cat has minimal shedding, we recommend seasonal vent cleaning. Consider duct cleaning services in late spring after your pet has shed its winter coat and/or is past blowouts.

You have nothing to lose except some sneezing, coughing and perhaps a faint doggy smell. Oh, and maybe some dust bunnies, which we all know don’t count as pets!

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You Won’t Have to Dust Your Furniture as Often

Less housework? That’s music to our ears!

Companies licensed in ductwork cleaning use powerful vacuums to remove dirt, grime and other agents. This means your HVAC unit and air vents aren’t blowing in as much dust into your indoor air.

Less dust equals less cleaning and less aerosol spray being used in household chores.

Cleaning agents present an ongoing cycle because they lead to the contaminant phase. Contaminants get trapped in your air vents and then distributed back into your home. It’s like, here we go again!

Keeping your air vents free flowing will also reduce air duct filth from settling in your carpets, on kitchen counters and on your bedding. It’s really a win-win, if you can potentially cut down on vacuuming, enhance the cleanliness, and minimize laundry.

Dryer vent cleaning is another way to increase household efficiency. When dryer ducts become filled with lint, it takes longer to dry clothes. Longer drying times mean more expendable energy and an increase in monthly financials.

Clogged dryer vents also present a significant FIRE RISK. If you are experiencing above average drying times, find the dryer exterior is hot or notice a burning smell, contact a professional ductwork cleaning company immediately.

Here at Precise Duct Cleaning, we are fully equipped to handle dryer vent cleaning. Contact us at (816) 537-0318 !

Cleaning Your Ductwork Can be Somewhat Dangerous

Damage to your current ductwork is a risk of DIY duct cleaning. Any type of puncture, even a very small hole, will affect airflow and reduce HVAC efficiency. Also, be careful of supporting ductwork items such as tubes and brackets.

DIY duct cleaning will help from a light duty perspective. To set the expectation, however, the only way to remove all toxins is to use a professional company with a high-powered dust extractor or dust collection system.

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A Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company is Worth the Small Investment

Unhealthy ducts can cause trouble beyond inconvenience. They can lead to health problems and an increase in monthly bills. More importantly though, clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard.

Investing in dryer vent cleaning and air vent cleaning yields a big payoff. It purifies your indoor air, improves health, reduces allergy flare-ups and cuts down on overall cleaning. In the long- run, this small investment will save you time and money.

Recent duct cleaning is also good from a resale perspective. If you are thinking about listing your home, it will be a viable selling point. Air vent cleaning will lend itself to the livability of your home and extend the life of the HVAC unit.

If you are buying a newly constructed home, ask the builder for air duct cleaning prior to your move-in date. You’ll want to rid the air vents of all the collected construction debris.

Thanks for reading our blog all the way to the end! Here at Precise Duct Cleaning our duct cleaning services apply to all supply and return air vents, registers and main trunk lines. We also include sanitation measures and bacteria-killing fog. Creating clean air is our thing.

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