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Should you Clean your Home’s Air Ducts?

Air Duct Cleaning in Kansas City

Whole house duct cleaning can provide benefits to your home’s cleanliness and indoor air quality by removing dust particles and contaminants from the inside of heating and air conditioning system ducts and vents. If done properly by a skilled specialist, it can result in cleaner air and less dust settling on surfaces or being kicked up by movement across floors and carpets.

Signs that you may need to have your ducts cleaned are excessive visible dust floating in the air and coating surfaces, musty smells, or visible mold inside ducts. Continually clogged air registers and filters that clog in a very short time are also indications that you may need duct cleaning.

Ductwork can be a cozy home for insects, rodents and other animals, particularly during the heating months. This can result in serious health problems for individuals with compromised immune systems, and should be addressed at once.  This also applies to dryer vents, which are easily accessed by insects and birds. Dryer vent cleaning should be done on a regular basis to prevent lint building, which can cause fires and decrease your dryer’s efficiency.

Special situations to consider for ductwork cleaning

There are a few special situations in which you might want to consider duct cleaning. First, if you have just moved into a new development, where roads are not yet paved, you might want to consider duct cleaning after the dust has settled—literally. Construction equipment and building activity can kick up a lot of dirt and dust, which will make its way into your home’s heating and cooling systems. The second, and related issue arises if you are renovating your home, or doing other major construction projects inside the home. When the job is completed is the ideal time to schedule a cleaning of your HVAC system’s ductwork. Dust producing hobbies can also produce particulates that can enter the ductwork lines.

Benefits of air duct cleaning

There are many benefits of cleaning air duct vents; they include better indoor air quality, reduction of dust, pollen and other allergens, decrease of dirt build up around registers and settling on surfaces. Increased efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system is another benefit: clogged systems with excessive dust and dirt buildup can decrease the operating efficiency of your HVAC system, its fans and motors, making it work harder to maintain desired temperature. Your utility bills are higher, and your comfort is lower with an inefficient system.

What is the process for quality air duct cleaning?

Briefly, our air conditioning duct cleaning professionals will use specialized duct cleaning equipment to dislodge dirt and other debris that end up in ductwork, then use high powered, high efficiency vacuum cleaners to pull out the debris. These tools and techniques will not harm your ductwork. When this is complete, specially formulated sprays which are designed to kill microbiological contaminants may be applied to the inside of the ductwork system if desired. These can prevent mold growth and sanitize bacteria and pathogens. Air vents, grilles and resisters will then be firmly reattached and any new access points will be sealed.

The vacuum collection component of the job is particularly important,  if it is not done thoroughly the dislodged dust will reenter the home and the heating and cooling system, potentially resulting in costly repairs.

We will be able to point out trouble issues such as places where condensation occurs in the system. This is most common in the cooling coils, and is the major source of mold inside ductwork systems.

Why use Precise Duct Cleaning Inc?

We have worked on thousands of home and commercial systems in the Kansas City area—just like yours. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to do the job right—first time out.

We have been serving the Kansas City metro area since 2001. Precise Duct Cleaning Inc. is dedicated to improving the indoor air quality of your home or business. We are a BBB Accredited Business with a BBB rating of A+.

Precise Duct Cleaning Inc. has received accolades and awards for our work and our outstanding customer service over the years from trusted authorities including Home Advisor and Angie’s List.

Consider our dryer vent cleaning services while we are working on your HVAC ducts. Air duct cleaning cost is a modest investment in your home’s cleanliness and air quality. Call Precise Duct Cleaning today, to experience a cleaner, healthier and safer home!

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