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Why Your Dryer Vents Need Professional Cleaning

Why Your Dryer Vents Need Professional Cleaning

Lint Building is a Fire Hazard

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 12,000 fires per year are a result of neglected dryers, the leading cause being lint buildup. Don’t be a statistic! The cost of cleaning your dryer vents once a year is far less than the cost of a new dryer and definitely less than the cost of putting out a fire.

What happens is; lint from the lint screens, even when emptied after each load, release tiny little fibers that can get into the dryer vents and slowly build up. With enough buildup, an errant spark can lead to fire inside the dryer vents, causing a great deal of damage to your home. The removable lint filter in your dryer can’t possibly catch every single particle. Lint will pass beyond the filter, through the dryer vent hose, and some, not all, will make its way to the outside vent opening.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Yes, this sounds extreme, but it is a serious issue. Gas dryers are common in homes today, as they have been proven to be a bit more energy efficient and faster than an electric dryer. The only downside; carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide doesn’t have to be a risk if the dryer ducts are cleaned regularly. If you fail to clean out the dryer vents, this carbon monoxide produced by burning gas, will back up inside your dryers exhaust and back into the laundry room and parts of your house.

Along with yearly maintenance, you can have your dryer inspected to ensure they are properly ventilated, free of charge, by the experts at Precise Duct Cleaning.

Clothes Taking Too Long to Dry

When dryer ducts are clogged, drying cycles can take double, or even triple, the amount of time it normally takes to dry. Dryers are designed to push out hot, moist air from your clothing. When the dryer vents are clogged, this air can’t travel through allowing moisture to escape and your clothes to dry. This isn’t just a dryer issue; the more you wash and dry your clothing, the faster they’ll wear out too.

Clothes Are Very Hot

Once your clothing does finally dry, it may be too hot to touch. While this may feel nice in the dead winter or right as you make your bed, clothing, sheets or towels, that are almost too hot, can be a sure sign that something is backed up inside the dryer ducts. If you suspect your dryer is getting too hot, it probably is!

Your dryer relies on air flow. Without proper air flow, it cannot function properly either. Have your dryers ductwork, both internally and externally, checked for any obstructions. When the dryer temperature gets too high, it can scorch your clothing, but even worse, lead to a fire. As previously stated, your dryer is a fire hazard when debris builds up inside the ducts, but also becomes a hazard if your clothing catches fire inside the dryer itself.

Restricted air flow can strain other dryer functions.

Many new dryers have lights to indicate that dryer airflow is restricted. Without adequate air flow, performance and dryer times are affected. Lack of air flow most commonly leads to longer dry times, but as air flow continues to weaken, it can cause fire, can cause your laundry room to greatly increase in temperature, but can also become a burden to other parts of your dryer.

The dryer’s exhaust system being restricted can cause moisture to build up under your dryer; it can also cause the ducts to bend and disconnect behind the dryer. Metal exhaust ducts are becoming more common in homes to achieve optimal air flow, reduce build up, and reduce operating temperatures of your dryer.

Precise Duct Cleaning Provides Free Estimates.

If the cost of cleaning your dryer vents is a concern, let Precise Duct Cleaning provide a free estimate, and they’ll leave it to you to decide the value of having your air ducts and dryer vents cleaned.

Energy consumption

The dryer is one of the more energy-intensive appliances in your home. If not functioning properly, it can really drive up your utility bill. While a high utility bill is much less severe than a fire, the cost can add up. Many people don’t take this into consideration when they think about their dryer, but they should! If a fire hazard is not enough to have your dryer vents inspected, substantially lowering the energy bill should.

Blocked Dryer Vent Signs to Look For:

Is the dryer flap opening while the dryer is running? Do you feel air flow coming out? If not, this is a pretty sure sign that your dryer vents are clogged. The Precise Duct Cleaning team uses specialized cameras that go into the vents to see where it needs to be cleaned and how much air flow is being blocked from traveling all the way through. If the air flow coming out of the vent, usually located on the outside of your home, is minimal to none, we recommend calling an expert.

While the experts recommend leaving this job to them, dryer cleaning kits and brushes can be found at many home stores. Brush kits usually come with a long bristle to clean the lint filter areas as well as a brush that can clean around the dryer ducts. Most household vacuum attachments can suck up some of the lint from the dryer vents, but not enough to agitate the lint and force it away from the walls of the duct. You can use the brush kit and vacuum to also clean out the ductwork behind the dryer. Make sure that when disconnecting, the gas and power to the dryer is shut off. You must ensure that after cleaning, the dryer will be reconnected correctly.

Again, DIY projects are fun when they don’t hold as many risks. A poor paint job won’t burn down your home, but a bad duct cleaning job surely can. Don’t hesitate to call the experts for this job today.

Precise Duct Cleaning of Lee’s Summit, MO recommends a yearly inspection and cleaning of your dryer system. The cost of cleaning depends on the location of your dryer, whether the vents are indoor vents or outdoor vents, and if they lead to an open area on the side of your home or to the roof. Either way, estimates are free and cleaning is extremely affordable when compared to the cost of a new dryer or fire damage. Call 816-537-0318 for a free estimate and quote on dryer vent cleaning today!

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