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Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

The Health Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

With healthy living at the forefront and Spring upon us, we’re wondering if you’ve made your Spring Cleaning List or have given it some thought? Did air duct cleaning make the top 10? How about the 20? If not, it’s ok. Air duct cleaning is not usually top of mind.  Air vents are hidden. Like out of sight out of mind. So, we don’t really think about vent cleaning unless we see an ad or read a blog like this one. But while we’re not looking, particles, dust, allergens and grime are building up in those unseen areas.  This build-up can cause a host of health problems and force your air conditioner to work harder. If it’s been awhile since your ducts were cleaned, the build-up could be causing quite a bit of damage behind the scenes.  Again, it’s ok. We just want to make sure that professional vent cleaning makes your list. We believe all people should have clean indoor air and be able to enjoy the health benefits of air duct cleaning.  What are the health benefits of air duct cleaning? Our easy to read blog gives us the answer.

Dirty Ducts: Health Hazard 

Dirty ducts create health hazards that can be quite serious, even if you aren’t feeling the effects. Individuals with sensitivities to certain allergens can experience asthmatic flare ups or have a general unwell feeling. Headaches, mild to severe, can accompany dirty ducts and there is the possibility that long-term exposure to dirty air can lead to consequences down the line. While everyone reacts differently, the Department of Consumer Affairs, reports that children are more affected by poor air quality than adults. Why? Because children breathe faster than adults and are closer to the ground where polluted air concentration is higher.  Individuals with compromised respiratory systems and/or the elderly can also be particularly susceptible to dirty indoor air. Even otherwise healthy people can have underlying problems and not know it.  Have you had an unexplained sore throat or sinus trouble? How about shortness of breath or itchy eyes? Dirty air ducts could be to blame.  In sum, air duct cleaning is important because dirty air ducts can make you and your loved ones sick. Here is a list of health problems that can be caused by poor indoor air quality either in your home or as a building occupant. 
  • Allergy flare ups that are random yet once ignited, will remain ongoing for weeks
  • Persistent illness, which lacks a true cause or traditional sickness symptoms
  • Breathing problems such as asthma, shortness of breath and lung disease
  • Advanced risk of respiratory and ENT problems in seniors and those with already compromised immune systems.
Keeping your dryer vents clean and clear is important too. Clogged dryer vents can pose a fire hazard and put your household at risk. To learn more about why your dryer vents need professional cleaning, read our dryer duct hazard blog.

Clean Ducts: Health Bonus 

Clean ducts provide several health benefits. These benefits in turn can result in more energy, elevated moods, less congestion and more. Overall, cleaner indoor air quality will make you feel better.  Are you wondering how air duct cleaning can make such a difference? Let us explore three main reasons.  Vent Cleaning Removes Allergens from the Air: Those of us with allergies will often stay inside hiding ourselves from pollen and other seasonal contaminants. However, being inside doesn’t always provide full relief. Pollen can and will find its way into your home and/or your place of business.  Once inside, it mixes with the existing air and follows the natural flow of entering your air vents. It is then dispersed throughout your home, office building or place of employment. Now, it’s inside and you cannot escape it, right? Except you can, with regular duct cleaning services, which will provide you with nice clean ducts.  It Removes Bacteria from Inside the Ducts: Over time, dirt, grime, soot, bacteria, and germs build up in your vents and attach to the walls of your air ducts. Then every time your air conditioner kicks on, these undesirable pollutants are being circulated throughout your space. Which means that you are breathing them. Clean ducts help solve this problem.  Along with bacteria, dust and other particles give way to dust mites, spiders, insects and sometimes vermin. According to Total Health Magazine, one out of every six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the bacteria and fungi in air ducts. Cleaning your air ducts will rid them of all this build-up and wipe the slate clean.  Getting rid of the undesirable elements within your ducts, allows you to experience the wonderful benefits of air duct cleaning:
  • Better response to allergy season
  • Less sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes
  • Fewer asthma attacks
  • Improved breathing
  • No unexplained sickness
  • A reduced risk of respiratory problems 
  • Better Sleep
  • Better overall feeling of well-being
Clean ducts sound good to us! Call 816-537-0318 for a free estimate and let us get started on improving your indoor air quality today!

Clear Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning 

If you’re wondering if there are any clear signs that you need air duct cleaning, the answer is, yes! We’ve listed some items to look for when inspecting your air vents for cleanliness. 

Clogged Air Ducts

Clogged air ducts will trap the air inside the vent and prevent it from being distributed into your home or business. You may have noticed if a vent in your home isn’t keeping up to task or maybe you stumbled on it by accident. Either way, before jumping to the conclusion of clogged air ducts, make sure your vent is not leaking, damaged or being obstructed by a foreign object. Is there a wall hanging that got pushed over? Did something drop down a floor vent and become lodged inside?  It would be a good idea to check any air vent filters in your air conditioning unit too. If filters are dirty, they can affect not only the air quality, but the air flow as well. We recommend changing your air vent filters on a regular basis to maximize energy efficiency and air quality. 

Mold Around Air Vents

Visible mold around air vents and returns is a strong indication that something is going on inside the ducts. It is not uncommon for mold to accumulate inside air ducts because of moisture and condensation, however, you will want to have the mold removed through professional duct cleaning services. 

Visible Dirt on Vent Dust Covers

Dust and dirt build up on vent dust covers is a red flag that your air ducts are blowing out more than just air. They are pushing out what is trapped inside. Gently wiping down vent dust covers with a damp cloth is a quick fix but won’t’ solve the bigger problem. 

Musty or Moldy Smell

A general moldy or musty odor throughout a property can point to dirty ducts. Especially if the smell is not isolated to a particular area. If a leaky window or other problem is not causing the smell, it’s best to call a professional to come take a look. 

Your Air Conditioner is Struggling

Is your air conditioner working harder than usual but for no apparent reason? Dirty ducts will put a strain on your air conditioner’s performance, causing it to work harder. Having your air vents cleaned will allow your air conditioner to do its job quicker and more efficiently. 

Make Sure You Are Allowing Your Home to Have Clean Air: Contact Precise Duct Cleaning 

Air ducts in a home or business are one of the most neglected parts of a property. They largely go unnoticed and most often do not get the applause they deserve. Their function is to disperse air throughout a home or commercial establishment. Yet we don’t get too close unless our air vents are malfunctioning.  Would you take a bath in a dirty bathtub? Or serve a guest on last night’s dinner dishes…the ones that are still in the sink? No.Way. It’s the same with your air vents. You want to have clean ducts. Ignoring warning signs or putting off air duct cleaning until “tomorrow,” delays improvement of your air quality.  Now, let’s get those ducts cleaned! Call 816-537-0318 today to make your appointment for a free estimate.

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