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Improve Heating System Efficiency With Duct Cleaning

Maximizing your heating system efficiency is at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds as we move into winter weather. Not many homeowners realize that cleaning ducts that have not been looked it in 5-7 years can marginally improve the efficiency of the heating system in the winter. Routine duct cleaning may not be necessary, but there are some visual inspections that can be done to see if you need to have your ductwork cleaned.

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How To Tell If Duct Cleaning Is Needed To Improve Heating System Efficiency

  • Duct Obstruction. If you see a noticeable obstruction with dust and debris, it is time to schedule a duct cleaning.
  • Mold Infestation. If you notice a musty or moldy smell coming from your HVAC vents you need to contact a professional to clean your ductwork. Mold develops when moisture is trapped in the ductwork and can be very damaging both for your HVAC system, and for your overall health.
  • Insect Bodies or Rodent Droppings. Seeing bodies of insects or rodent droppings is another indicator that it is time to clean your ductwork. These bi-products be re-circulated into the air by your HVAC, they could damage your HVAC system, and they could be an indicator that these pests are nesting in your ductwork and causing further damage to your HVAC system and further clogging or obstructing your ductwork.

How Does Cleaning Your Ducts Improve Your Heating System Efficiency

When you have your ductwork cleaned by a professional, it will clear out any obstructions, which then allows the heated air to move more freely through the ductwork into the finished rooms of your home. Cleaning the ductwork can decrease the amount of dirt and debris that reaches the air filter. A cleaner filter leads to a more efficient running system and cleaner ducts also mean you will not have to change your filter as often.

Mold buildup in your ductwork should be taken very seriously. Not only could mold be detrimental to health, especially for those with respiratory issues, but it could also cause serious damage to your heating system.

A duct cleaning will ensure that your heating system is functioning at maximum efficiency, which will save you money on your heating bill and extend the life of your HVAC unit and system. It is important to hire a professional duct cleaner that will not damage your ductwork and can ensure a through and complete duct cleaning.

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