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Preparing Your Home’s Air Conditioning Ductwork for the Summer

Spring is here and summer is approaching. Is your ac unit and air conditioning ductwork ready for regular use?

It’s been sitting all winter, patiently waiting to be brought out of hibernation and work it’s cooling magic. However, waking up your trusty air conditioning unit requires more than flipping the switch from heating to cooling. Your unit and HVAC ductwork need some care, attention and maybe even some vent cleaning to ensure maximum efficiency.

Maximum efficiency means less wear and tear on your unit, fewer repairs, and less money spent on utility bills. It’s the best combination….a winning combination…and it will save you money!

Steps to Maintaining Air Conditioning Efficiency

With a little planning and certain steps, you can put your ac unit at a definite advantage. The best part, however, is that the steps are simple.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us, American Air Duct Cleaning. We specialize in HVAC ventilation and duct cleaning services. With many years in the air conditioning industry, air duct cleaning is our thing and we are really good at it!

Some of the steps may be included in your ac maintenance plan. Some can be do-it-yourself Saturday projects. We just urge you make the most out of the proactive tasks and HVAC cleaning.

clean ac filter

Change Your AC Filters

Change of seasons, change of air filters. And even better? This is one task you can do yourself!

Your air filter has been working hard keeping you warm all winter. It’s time for a replacement.

When your air filter becomes dirty, your ac unit has to work twice as hard and your ductwork can become clogged. Working twice as hard will lead to early breakdowns and ductwork build-up will require untimely duct cleaning.

Then, there is the chance that it will break down during the hottest part of the summer. For us, that would be terrible! We’re thinking it would be terrible for you too.

Clean filters have the ability to better filter out contaminants such as pollen. Your nose and family members with allergies will thank you.

person vacuuming an air filter

Install a Programmable Thermostat in Your Home

Programmable thermostats are said to save a household 10-30% on heating and cooling expenses. The caveat is using the programmable thermostat correctly.

If you are a thermostat wiggler, it’s time to break the habit. Programming your temperature allows you to use less energy while you are away for extended periods. It also cuts down on cooling rooms that are not used frequently thus saving you from unnecessary air vent cleaning.

On the flip side, cutting back too drastically will cause your ac unit to work harder when it is time to return to the desired temperature. Talk to the professionals at Precise Duct Cleaning to find your sweet spot. Then, set it and forget it.

Clean Your AC Condensation Pipe

Who knew this was even a thing? It is.

The condensation pipe is a small dripping line on the outside of the ac unit, which literally removes the condensation produced by the evaporator coil. If the condensation pipe becomes clogged, humidity levels inside your home will rise, musty odors can develop and you are at risk for water damage.

Musty odors are a good indication that your vent duct may be growing mold. If you suspect mold, contact us for a free estimate on our ac vent cleaning and air duct cleaning cost.

Cleaning out your ac condensation pipe can be a do-it-yourself project. Purging the line will keep your condensation pipe free from mold, algae and potential clogs. You’ll be glad you did it.

Clean Your AC Unit’s Coil and Fins

The coils and fins of your ac unit transfer the heat from inside your home and direct it outside. When the coils become infiltrated with dirt, mold and debris, your ac unit works harder to achieve the same output it would if the coils were clean. That’s money right down the drain.

Depending on the type of ac unit, you may be able to gently, very gently, spray down the coils with a hose or use an air conditioner cleaner. Other units may be more complicated. If in doubt, check with an experienced air conditioning technician. Call Precise Duct Cleaning. We’ll be happy to help.

hvac service man kneeling by AC unti

Remove Debris Around the Outside of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Grab the broom and sweep up around the outside of your air conditioning unit. Get rid of trash, dead leaves and other debris that is cluttering the area within 3 feet of the air conditioner. Also, cut back any foliage or vegetation that might clog the coils or interfere with performance.

Keep an eye on this area during the summer. Grass clippings, mulch and other landscaping items can interfere with proper ac functioning and air duct cleanliness. It’s best to get off to a good start with a clean ac area!

Check for an Unlevel Concrete AC Unit Slab

There are several consequences of having an air conditioner that is not level. It can sink into the area around it, it can tip over, the condensation cord can detach and/or it will not work properly.

All of these will cost you time and money to fix. Your best bet is to address it at the beginning of summer.

With a little ingenuity and some time, you can correct your concrete slab back to balance. Even if your ac unit slab was fine last year, things could have shifted over the winter. It’s always best to check it from time to time as well.


Why Hiring a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company Makes Sense

After you have taken all of the necessary steps to get your ac unit up and ready for Go Time, one very important element still remains: Your ductwork.

All the ac maintenance in the world will not help if your air ducts are dirty. Dirty air ducts will blow mold, dust and other contaminants all over your furniture, carpets, tables and floors. You’re breathing the mold, dust and contaminants too.

Not exactly what you bargained for? There is a solution: Air Duct Cleaning.

man installing piece of ductwork

Ductwork System is Running Efficiently

Did you know dirt and dust are common culprits in ac repair and maintenance calls? Air duct cleaning removes the dirt, mold and other contaminants from insides of your ductwork.

Keeping your ductwork clean is a fast and simple way to ward off some air conditioning emergencies.

Asthma, allergies, clean air, a properly functioning air conditioner are all reasons to keep your ductwork system running efficiently. Your ductwork has accumulated at least a winter’s worth of dust and dust affiliated particles. It’s time.

Precise Duct Cleaning is among the very best air duct cleaning companies in the Kansas City Metro. Call us for a FREE Estimate. You will be amazed at the difference having your vents cleaned will make.

An Air Duct Cleaning Company Will Help Drastically Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s no secret that mold, dust, smoke and chemical allergens reduce the quality of breathable air. Therefore, it is a sensible conclusion that ac vent cleaning will improve overall health.

It’s actually a proven fact. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that about 50% of illnesses are caused or made worse by low indoor air quality. Additionally, some hazardous pollutants can be 70 times higher indoors than outdoors.

Are you convinced yet?

Preventing Insect and Vermin Ductwork Infestation

All winter long, your air ducts have been filled with nice warm air. That’s good for you and for the insects and critters that have created a home to get out of the elements. What is not good, is that they are still there.

Duct cleaning will provide you with a pest-free zone and rid your ductwork of any infestation.

Prevent Indoor Ductwork Blowouts

Have you noticed dust bunnies hanging around? How about excessive dust on your furniture? Your air ducts could be to blame.

Whatever is in your HVAC ducts is being pushed out into your home. If it’s dust, then dust will appear. Some pathogens not seen by the naked eye can still be a viable threat. Reputable ac duct cleaning will rid your air duct space of harmful and nagging particles.

vacuum setting on the carpet

Reduce the Risks of Air Duct Mold

Yes, mold can grow in your air ducts. It’s actually quite common. Known associations with mold include respiratory problems, wheezing, headaches, and flu-like symptoms. Even unexplained fatigue could be a sign that you need residential duct cleaning.

The professional duct cleaning services at Precise Duct Cleaning include a comprehensive visual inspection of your ductwork along with photo evidence of any problems. You never know what is lurking in your vents.

before and after photo of air duct cleaning

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