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Prevent Spring Allergies with Air Duct Cleaning

Prevent Spring Allergies with Air Duct Cleaning

The spring season is unforgiving when it comes to allergies. Many people who experience spring allergies hide inside and look longingly out windows at the beautiful and cool spring weather, wishing the pollen did not make their sinuses go crazy. Yet those affected with spring allergies also have issues indoors during this time of year. A solution to prevent spring allergies comes down to air duct cleaning. Since the air ducts are circulating air throughout your home, you want that air to be as clean as possible. Here are some ways air duct cleaning helps prevent spring allergies.

prevent spring allergies with air duct cleaning

Cleaner Air to Prevent Spring Allergies

The first benefit of air duct cleaning for spring allergies is the most obvious – it will help clean your air. Whenever you open the door during the spring, pollen makes it way inside. As it sits in your home, the AC unit will kick on and circulate the indoor air. This sucks pollen into your ducts and pushes it out throughout the whole of your home. Getting your air ducts cleaned will help eliminate the pollen in your home to provide a cleaner air environment.

Removes Bacteria in Ducts and Indoor Air

Pollen will find a home in your ducts this spring along with all the other dirt and bacteria that has built up in your duct system over time. The debris that is sucked through your duct system slowly sticks to the walls of the ducts over time. Before you know it, your ducts are filled with dust, dirt, pollen, germs, and more gather in the system and spread their aggravating qualities into the air. Likewise, dirty ducts are a breeding ground for dust mites, spiders, insects, and even vermin. Their bacteria can hurt your indoor air quality even more! Cleaning your ducts this spring will wipe the slate clean in your system, providing a vast improvement in indoor air quality.

Step It Up With Disinfectant Fogging

After a duct cleaning, the air quality takes a little bit of time to improve. If you are trying to prevent spring allergies and need more instantaneous results, increase the effectiveness of your duct cleaning with a disinfectant fogging procedure. This procedure kills the bacteria, dirt, and pollen floating through the air instantly thanks to purifying cleaners.

A misting technique is used to kill pathogens without harming people or animals that are living in the home. The disinfectant fogging treatment is the perfect solution for people with chronic allergy issues as it is a hypoallergenic solution. The special formula continues to attack the air long after the air duct specialists leave so it will keep your air free of allergens throughout the rest of spring and into summer!

The disinfectant fogging procedure is a new and exclusive offering from Precise Duct Cleaning. To see more relief from spring allergies indoors, call us today to schedule a disinfectant fogging appointment.

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