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Signs and dangers of a sweating duct system

Ducts that have extra moisture can spell disaster for your HVAC system. In humid climates, such as the midwest in the summer months, duct systems can “sweat” and wreck havoc.

Why do air duct systems sweat? According to, it occurs “because the outside surfaces of the ducts are below the dew point of the air in their immediate surroundings. The primary ways to stop ducts from sweating is to raise the surface temperature of the ducts or to lower the dew point of the air surrounding the duct by some form of dehumidification. The dew point of air is the temperature at which the amount of water vapor in the air is the maximum amount the air can hold.”


What kind of damage does a sweating air duct have on your house? Wherever there is standing moisture, mold can and will grow. With enough moisture, it can also cause water damage to walls.

Sometimes, sweating ducts are not very apparent by everyone. In crawl spaces, sweating ducts can create a cupping problem in the wood floors directly above. When these spaces are heated, bowing can occur. Unfortunately, wherever there is damage due to mold and mildew, they have most likely used all the moisture already and therefore, the damage is done.

So how can you solve the problem of a sweating air duct? The main goal is to get rid of the moisture and dry the air. First, you need to control the source of moisture. Unfortunately, this is not easy. But fortunately, Precise Duct Cleaning is here to help you.

You will need to call a professional and at the first sign of a problem, if possible.  Call Precise Duct Cleaning today at (816) 537-0318 in Missouri in Kansas or contact us on our website for a free consult. We will solve your problems with your air duct moisture today!

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