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Why Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?

The air ducts in our homes are generally tucked away – out of sight and out of mind. So, it’s easy to forget that those air ducts need cleaning as well. After all, if dust tends to gather on the other surfaces around us, doesn’t it make sense that dust would travel and collect in our vents too?

While you can see the thin layer of dust that accumulates around the rest of the home and wipe it away, air duct cleaning is not as easily done. That’s where a professional vent cleaning company like Precise Duct Cleaning comes in.

What Do Air Duct Cleaning Companies Do?

Professional air duct cleaning services use specialized blowers, vacuums, and brushes to safely and efficiently remove dirt, dust, and debris. These duct cleaning services include cleaning the ducts (supply, intake, and return), grills and diffusers, and other HVAC components.

Precise Duct Cleaning offers both HVAC system cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services to keep you safe and healthy. We use the best Rotobrush equipment in the industry and bring every size brush, hose, and other tools with us to complete each job.

Signs That Your Air Ducts Require Cleaning

How do you know when your air ducts need to be cleaned though?

First, watch for any problems coming out of your ducts: insects and rodents, strange and odd noises, and/or poor airflow. Next, keep an eye out around your home – is dust accumulating quicker than normal? Do you have dirty AC vents? Most importantly, check in on yourself and your loved ones. Not only are dust and mold in air ducts common allergy culprits, the contaminants also negatively impact the overall health and wellness of everyone in the home.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your dryer, too. Longer than normal drying times are one way to track and know how often to clean dryer vents.

Important Considerations Before Air Duct Cleaning

How often should you have ducts cleaned? HVAC duct cleaning takes time and money; therefore, it’s important to consider the needs of your home. This should not be a DIY project – taking on the job yourself runs the risk of dislodging connections, busting walls, and causing other costly damage. The teams at vent cleaning companies like Precise Duct Cleaning are made up of expert technicians who know the right tools for the job and maintain the integrity of the ductwork and supporting structures. Our specialists at Precise Duct Cleaning have strong backgrounds in sheet metal and HVAC units to bring more expertise to the field.

Duct cleaning businesses also are trained to handle contaminants, like mold, in your ducts and remove them safely. (It should be noted that any presence of the hazardous debris and vermin mentioned above is a key indicator to have your ducts inspected immediately.) We also finish our services with a disinfecting procedure to kill bacteria and remove germs, odors, pollen, and dirt with air purifying cleaners.

Choose Precise Duct Cleaning for Your Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company!

Still not sure if you need HVAC duct cleaning? We are happy to provide explanations of our work and offer inspection services with photo evidence of any problems we find. If you then decide to schedule duct cleaning services, that fee is deducted from the total cost.

With Precise Duct Cleaning, you have peace of mind. Rest assured knowing our technicians are registered HVAC system cleaning specialists, and we will gladly provide references and certification upon request. We are proud of our strong track record of professional service and ethics. Check out our latest reviews and see why other customers like you have trusted us since 2005 as one of the best air duct cleaning companies in the area. Are you ready to take the next step to a cleaner, healthier home? Click here to contact us for your free estimate or call us at (816) 537-0318.

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